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Keep your gas boiler in optimal condition all year round with our Annual Maintenance Contracts. At Gasfersat, we understand the importance of the safety and efficiency of your heating system. Our experts will be in charge of carrying out regular inspections, cleanings and necessary adjustments to ensure your boiler operates correctly and safely. With us, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are protecting your investment and your well-being. Find out more about our Annual Maintenance Contracts and how we can take care of your boiler. Don't wait for problems to arise!


We help you obtain high gas Quickly and safely.
Do you need to turn on the gas in your property? In Gasfersat, we provide you with advice and gas registration services so you can enjoy the comfort of a reliable heating system. Our team of professionals will take care of the entire process, from planning to installation, ensuring that everything complies with current regulations. Leave the management of gas discharges in our hands so you can enjoy your home without worries. Contact us for more information and get started today.


We update your gas installations to comply with current regulations.
In Gasfersat, we understand the importance of keep your gas installations up to date and in compliance with current regulations. Our gas experts will carry out the necessary modifications to guarantee the security and efficiency of your system. Whether it is a plumbing upgrade, the installation of proper ventilation systems or any other necessary adjustments, we are prepared to provide you with reliable solutions and comply with all legal requirements. Ensure the safety of your home or business with our gas installation modifications.


We install new boilers efficient and reliable gas.
Is it time to replace your old gas boiler with a more efficient and reliable model? We offer you personalized solutions for changing gas boilers. We work with a wide range of makes and models to meet your specific needs. Our highly trained installation team will take care of the entire process, from choosing equipment to installation and commissioning. Get a modern and efficient heating system with our gas boiler replacement service.


We solve any breakdown in your gas boiler.
Gas boiler breakdowns can be a nuisance, but at Gasfersat we are here to help you. Our technicians specialized in gas boiler repair have the experience and tools necessary to diagnose and resolve cualquier problema que pueda surgir. Nuestra prioridad es devolverte la comodidad y la seguridad en tu hogar o negocio de manera rápida y eficiente. Confía en nosotros para reparar tu caldera de gas de forma professional and affordable.


We issue certificates to guarantee the safety and legality of your facilities.
We offer services RITE and IRI certification to ensure that your gas installations comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Our certification experts will be in charge of carrying out the necessary inspections and issuing the corresponding certificates. We guarantee that your heating system is in compliance with safety and efficiency standards. Get peace of mind knowing that your facilities have the necessary RITE and IRI certificates with our certification service.


Discover why our services are essential to maintain the efficiency and the performance optimal of your heating and solar thermal energy systems. Our regular cleaning not only ensures efficient operation, but also extends the life of your components, thereby reducing energy consumption and benefiting both operational efficiency and environment. We recommend performing these maintenance tasks regularly, following the manufacturer's specifications or the specific needs of your system for optimal results. Different cleanings we offer:

Cleaning of underfloor heating circuits

Cleaning of heating bodies

Internal cleaning of radiators

Solar circuit cleaning

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